Paintings are done!

Sarah was given her paintings last weekend, and I heard through the grapevine that there were tears involved. There's a lot of sweet sibling love going on in that family. I'm still blown away at her brother for being so thoughtful and enlisting me to help. I've only met Sarah a few times, so painting with her in mind felt kinda like getting to know her.

Working on these right after a break for Christmas was a good reminder of what the creative process can look/feel like...and the constant necessity there is to keep going.

Paintings always seem to go from good, to bad, to worse, to better and back a few times.  I've always heard that paint is one of the most forgiving mediums... and it is, to an extent. "You can always bring back what's been lost", they say.

But after doing graphic design work for most of my creative career and having the ability to completely "undo" until my heart's content with a quick command+z... I think design may be the most forgiving. I never have to fully commit. I can keep one million versions of the same concept/layout/design handy for as long as I want, but physical, tactile (off da computer) work is so different.

I find myself searching for command+z keys while I paint... But the practice of painting is much more concrete, linear, and surprising. I don't get to see all the options or past iterations saved in my back pocket at once.  There are "no take backs" (as my twin sis and I always joke). The colors, the forms, the glazes, or whatever I bring into a composition gets to stay, and I get to deal with what I've done and what's in front of me right now.

Sounds kinda like life? Everything's a metaphor, ya? Ya.